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Sunday, 18 October 2009 16:24

Welcome to Semogue. Semogue manufacture the finest shaving brushes in production today. These European shaving brushes have quickly become a very popular tool with shave fans all over the world. There is a variety Semogue brushes to choose from. Wood is a popular choice and acrylic handles offer more modern styling and good looks. Semogue shaving brushes will last a very long time if cared for correctly. There are two main types of hair used in Semogue brushes each with their own variations. The most luxurious is the badger haired brush as it offers very soft bristles and enough backbone to make a great lather. The Semogue 730 is a superb example of a badger brush and also comes in a HD high density 730HD format with even more badger hair tightly packed in. The other type of hair grade is the Boar hair brush. These brushes are very popular due to their beautiful looks and their generally excellent ability to make a superb lather. The 1305 Semogue is popular at the moment but there are a variety of new models on the horizon such as the 1800 and the Semogue 1250 which have very appealing handles. These brushes are made in Portugal by a small family business and master craftsmen.

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